Special Sensor Microwave/Imager NASA Measures Program (3-DAY, NC)

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These data represent a average of 3 days ending on file date. Time-Averaged (3-day) data files do not contain any time information.

Each binary data file consists of four (averaged) 0.25 x 0.25 degree grid (1440,720) byte maps. Time-Averaged files contain just the geophysical layers in the same order [W,V,L,R]. Time-Averaged (3-day) maps are stored by instrument in appropriate year and month subdirectories.

The RSS SSMI geophysical dataset consists of data derived from observations collected by SSM/I and SSMIS instruments carried onboard the DMSP series of polar orbiting satellites.

DMSP satellites carry the SSM/I instrument (F08, F10, F11, F13, F14, F15) and the SSMIS instrument (F16, F17, F18), an instrument similar to the SSM/I, but with sounding capabilities. Remote Sensing Systems provides ocean data products for F08, F10, F11, F13, F14 and F15 (SSM/I), and F16 and F17 (SSMIS). Products for F18 are not available at this time. F15 is available in V7 only through Dec 31, 2011 and should not be used for climate study after Aug 2006 due to RADCAL beacon interference. The SSMIS data have been carefully intercalibrated on the brightness temperature level with the previous SSM/I and therefore extend this important time series of ocean winds, vapor, cloud and rain values.

Source: http://www.ssmi.com/ssmi/ssmi_description.html

Платформы DMSP-F08, DMSP-F10, DMSP-F11, DMSP-F13, DMSP-F14, DMSP-F15, DMSP-F17
Инструменты SSM/I, SSMIS
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